How to Keep Safe Your Garage Door From Storm Damage?

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November 29, 2017
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How to Keep Safe Your Garage Door From Storm Damage?

Garage Door From Storm Damage

Winter is approaching and you have secured your entire home from the extreme weather. But have you secured your garage door? No, right? Don’t worry. Many homeowners forget about garage door safety in a winter season and thus, they may face worse situations in future. Do not put yourself on this list. You should inspect the door for severe weather damage. So, we come up with some good points that you should consider before cold season starts.

Do not forget weather stripping:

Yes, you should install weather strip around your garage door especially when you live in such areas where temperature drop below zero. Damages from last cold season require repairing weather stripping for the upcoming winter season. Sometimes, it is required to replace the weatherstrip due to big damages.

Weather stripping is not useful only in winter season but also useful in hotter areas too. Yes, dry and hot weather of summer season may cause your garage door weather stripping badly which leads to cracking, chipping & shrinkage.

Use a varnish or fresh coat of paint:

This is a good option to increase the life of a garage door. It’s a good coating option and protects your door from extreme weather situation.

Inspect the roller and rails:

Make sure that garage doors rollers are working freely and aren’t damaged. If your roller is not functioning fine then replace it as needed or repair if required. Do not forget to clean the excess lubricant and rails of debris. Because the excess lubricant & debris may damage door and thus, it is difficult for an opener to move garage door up and down. Sometimes, you are required to replace the garage door motor.

Verify Below things:

Check that the fixtures which are holding the garage door spring cable are not loose. If you found it loosen; you should call the professional and repair or replace the fixtures whatever is required. Please do not try to fix the fixture problems by yourself.

Verify that the spring system is working satisfactorily and perform repairs if needed. The system consists torsion bar, springs, cables and drums. If any of these parts are damaged or not working well; you should fix it as soon as possible.

Verify that your garage door opener system is functioning fine and check the backup battery of a door opener. Is it good to deal with the battery for the upcoming season or not? How old is it? Winter temperatures (near to zero or minus) are very hard on backup batteries.

So, do not forget to consider the above points otherwise be ready for the worse consequences. If you want to make your garage door winter-proof; send your requirements through email( Our team will take care of it.

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