How Can I Maintenance My Garage Door Efficiently? Need Help Please

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How Can I Maintenance My Garage Door Efficiently? Need Help Please

Garage Door Maintenance Tips

The garage door is an essential and important part of our home but still, it is not considered seriously as we give attention to kitchen and bathroom. A door only gets attention when it stops working properly. We only feel the garage door is an important part of our house only when it stops working properly. The only thing you need to do is to give your attention to your door means to do a proper maintenance regularly. How can you do that? Here we have some good points for you.

See how it works:

Yes, you should know how your garage door working properly. Watch how their parts work and move symmetrically without any jerky motions. A worrisome noise, grinding and scraping are the red signals.

Keep Tighten the Garage Door Hardware:

Generally, the garage door opens and closes more than 1,000 times in a year. Every time, a door vibrates all the garage parts every time when it goes up & down. Thus, the vibration can loosen important pieces of a garage door and so, it is necessary to tighten them again otherwise the loose parts can be damaged and may cause harmful injury to you.

Garage Door Balance Testing:

Do not forget this step. Do it once a week; choose a weekly off for this task. Why should you test the balance? The reason is a counterweight of a door never provides the correct balance and thus, your opener should have to work extra hard every time when a door goes up and down.

How to Test?

Just set the garage door in a manual mode (release the red handle when it is in a closed position; your door will be in manual mode). Open the garage door and leave it at the halfway. If a door will stay there as it is then your door is perfectly balanced. If it does not, the door is unbalanced and need to call the professionals.

Inspect Your Weather Seal:

A weather seal is used to prevent the cold air to come inside the garage door. If it is broken or leaked; your garage and home will not able to maintain the temperature of a door. So, you will be charged more on electricity bills, especially in the cold season. Inspect the weather seal and look for the areas where cracks and leakage can occur.

These are main 4 points you should add to your preventive garage door maintenance plan to keep your door functioning well for a longer time. Contact us (720) 600-2043 today; our team will help you to create a good maintenance plan and if you don’t have time then our team will maintain your door.

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