This is a Right Time Get Ready Your Garage Door for Winter Season

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This is a Right Time Get Ready Your Garage Door for Winter Season

Garage Door for Winter Tips

As yet one more summer is passed and winter is approaching. Is your home ready? Yes. Is your garage doors ready? Maybe. This is not a correct answer. Your garage door should ready to protect you in this upcoming winter season. It is a time to inspect your door and get it ready for the cold weather. The combination of rust & changing temperatures results in several garage door issues with the moving parts and an opener too. If you love to repair DIY; here is a guide for you.

Inspection the door from outside:

Start the inspection process by checking the exterior panel for the signs of dents and rust. If you found any damage, see what’s the problem and can it be fixed by you? Yes and then go ahead otherwise call the professional.

Inspection the door from Inside:

Once, the exterior panel is maintained; you should start inspecting the door from inside and check out the garage door parts. Start it by checking the parts like springs, bolts, hinges, tracks, nuts, rollers and much more. Minor rust and dust can be cleaned with just a gentle solvent and brush. If any of the door parts are rusted badly; replace it immediately before it may damage you.

Next, Garage Door Safety Inspection:

When all the garage door parts are working fine; it is a time to perform the door safety test. Yes, it is important. A door which is not properly calibrated can inure you and your family member seriously or badly damage your property. No one would not want a 350-400 pound garage doors come crashing down especially when you are standing next to it.

Close the door manually and disconnect the door from an opener. Now you need to raise the door with your hand. If it is not possible for you only; take a help of your family member or friend. The garage door should be opened and closed easily and run across the track smoothly. If your door is caught up on a track or have a difficulty in opening the door; your garage door is unbalanced and needs maintenance.

Check the garage door reversal mechanism. A safe door should reverse immediately upon sensing any type of resistance on the door pathway. This helps protect pets, you, your kids and anyone else who might be under the garage door when it is closing. Place a paper towel on the path and close the door. If door reverses back; safety system is working fine and if not; call the professional immediately.

If you want to keep your garage door ready for the winter season; we can help you. Just call us (720) 600-2043 today and get ready your garage door for the winter season.

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