The Size of a Garage Door: A Crucial Factor to be Considered Before Buying a New One

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The Size of a Garage Door: A Crucial Factor to be Considered Before Buying a New One

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People choose the garage door by its appearance and matching design, shape, material color etc. of the home but forget about many other crucial factors like size. Surprised? The size is a very much important factor to be considered when it is a matter of choosing a new garage door for your home or warehouse. There are mainly 4 different sizes to select from. Have a look at them below:

Single Garage Door:

For a standard home, a single garage door is enough for you and it also suits your garage. It can easily accommodate your vehicle, stuff and other valuable items. But if you own a truck or SUV then you should enlarge the size of a regular  door or go with the overhead garage door. Generally, a single  door is around 10X7 feet or 8X7 feel; you should consider this while choosing a size of a door for your home. It is better to call professional for measuring the size of a door because a wrong sized  door may put you in trouble and also wash your money and time.

Double Garage door: People have preferred this.

Yes, you are reading right. This door is suitable for those homeowners who own multiple vehicles or who want to use the garage as another room or place to live in it. We all know that many families have 3-4 cars and so, it requires more space and easy access to park the car in a  door. So, the double garage door is enough to provide easy access to family members. When you are selecting the size of a door; you should measure the size of the car or truck first. The dimensions of a standard double garage doors size 16X7, 14X7 & 12X7 feet but you may customize it.

RV Garage Door: A Bigger garage door than above ones.

RV garage door is a famous for lavish homeowners who own recreational vehicles (RVs) and boat. Yes, this is true because the general size of this door is 16X8 feet. This door is significantly different in terms of height from the regular door sizes. So, choose this size  door only when you are planning to park RVs and other things as well.

Commercial Garage Doors: Only for the Businessmen

The standard size of a commercial door: width is 30 feet X 2 inches and height: 24 feet X 1 inch. But this is not followed by all the businessmen. It depends on what will be stored inside the garage. If you want to store your business truck then it is important for you to measure the size of a truck first and then move to buy a commercial door.

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