How Can I Know that My Garage Door Springs Are Broken?

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How Can I Know that My Garage Door Springs Are Broken?

Garage Door Springs Are Broken

Let me beat the myth that motor is not the main part of a garage door which lifts up the garage door. Surprised? It’s a garage door spring which lifts up the garage door and holds there. So, now if anyone tells you that motor is responsible to open and close the door then tell him/her that he/she is wrong. We all are very well aware of the damages when garage door springs break suddenly. Many homeowners do not know that when to replace the garage door springs. So, here we come up with some points that show springs are broken and need to repair or replace.

Garage Door Can’t Goes up above the 6” of the ground.

You open a garage door by pushing the wall button and then it goes up 6” only. This is a red signal for you. Because when you push wall button; garage door opener sensitivity has activated and it stops pulling the door upside when the springs are broken. This is a safety feature built in almost all garage door openers. Isn’t it good?

Garage Door is too heavy to lift up manually.

Another way is that garage door openers have generally DC motors which start slowly and then get a higher speed. But if the springs are broken, the opener might stay at the slower speed because of the heavy weight of a door. In such situation, you need to release the emergency release rope red in color and attached near the garage door opener. It will disconnect the opener from a door. Now try to open a garage door manually; if it is too hard for you to lift up while you can open manually easily earlier. The main reason behind this is that the springs are broken.

Garage door shuts down fast after pressing the close button.

When you have an automatic garage door; you have ever seen that the garage door falls down slowly. But have you ever experienced that your garage door falls fast after pressing the closing button? Yes, then you are in trouble. Because it happens when your garage door springs are in trouble and so the balance of a garage door is changed. An unbalanced garage can’t be lifted by the openers with ease because they are not designed for that. Due to that, your garage door falls faster sometimes than the normally it closed.

There are much more but in the above points; you can clearly experience that what is happening to your garage door. You will have a clear idea that there is something wrong with the springs. Meet our experts today to fix the garage door springs related issues. Just fill up the contact us form here or just call us on this number: (720) 600-2043.

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