Is My Garage Door Really Strong Enough? How Can I Know That & What Should I Do?

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Is My Garage Door Really Strong Enough? How Can I Know That & What Should I Do?

My Garage Door Really Strong Enough

As we know that the garage door is the second entry of a house. So, it is mandatory for a homeowner to make it strong enough that no intruder can break it and also prevent your garage from a storm, heavy rain, snow and the wind. Most of the homeowners believe in strong garage door to keep functioning for the last longer. That’s also true. But now the tricky question is that how can I know that my garage door is strong enough or not? What should I do if it is not? Read the below point; you will have a better idea what to do with your door to make it stronger.

Garage Door Spring:

Yes, the very first thing you need to focus is the garage door springs. These are responsible to lift up the door. If these aren’t strong enough then get ready for the consequences. How? A weak spring can be broken anytime and sometimes it causes life-threatening damages. Most of the door springs keep functioning until it reaches to 1500 to 2000 cycles. A cycle includes opening and closing a door. If your springs reach near to 1500 cycles; you should replace the garage door until it may cause serious issues to you.

Garage Door Insulation:

Is your garage door insulated? No, means your door isn’t strong enough. Insulation can add the extra security to your door wall and other parts. As time passes, the insulation will wear out completely & you will need to replace it as soon as possible. Don’t forget the insulation if you want a strong door. Do you know that insulation is mainly rated by R-value? In a very hot and cold climate, a door should have a higher R-value than the normal weather condition. The best advantage of insulation according to homeowner’s perception is that an insulated door can save money on utility bills.

Never Judge a Garage Door by its Thickness:

Do you consider the thickness as a strong factor of a door? Your thinking is completely wrong. A heavy and thick garage door is not necessarily efficient at preventing harsh weather come inside the door. It is better to use better insulation and strong material is good enough; no matter how thick are they!

So, these are the basic factors you should have to keep mind when you need to make your door stronger. Isn’t your door strong enough after knowing the above factors? Call us (720) 600-2043 today; our team will make your door as you want and also advice on how to maintain its strength for the last longer.

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