When and Why Should You Replace Garage Door Weatherstripping?

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When and Why Should You Replace Garage Door Weatherstripping?

Garage Door Weatherstripping

Looking for Replace Garage Door Weatherstripping? Do you know that almost all homes are connected to the garage and the garage door is a big hole that can easily release the warm air from it? What happens if your garage door releases its warm air outside? Definitely, you need to switch on the heater to make your home warm again and the energy expense will be increased. But a question is that how can you prevent the air traveling inside and outside? The only thing you can do is to install a garage door weatherstrip.

Why is Weatherstrip necessary for a garage door?

The weatherstrip is located at a bottom of a garage door serves mainly two purposes:

Purpose 1: It is to offer a good cushion for a garage door. When a garage door is closed; weatherstrip is used to prevent air easily.

Purpose 2: it is a tight seal to keep out all the elements. This one is the biggest advantages of having a garage door with installed weatherstrip.

When to replace the garage door weatherstripping?

Here, we have listed some situation when weatherstrip should be replaced before it is too late.

If you can see the light beam at the bottom of a garage door when it is completely closed then there is also cold air coming in and heat going out through that small space. Many think that it’s a small space and only a very small amount of heat can be released from a garage and cold air can be entered in a garage. But that’s not true. It affects because the small space remains open for all the time. And this indicates a weather strip of a garage door is damaged and need to be replaced.

Let’s Install the garage door weatherstrip:

First of all, lift up the garage door at a certain level from where it is easy to see that door boot. Then, you measure across the boot. You just need to slide the damaged one out & put the new one into place. It seems like easy but the installation is a very tough task. So, it is advised to hire the garage door experts to fix it.

Call the Expert, Today!

To get a replacement of a weatherstrip or any emergency garage door repair, you should call our experts (720) 600-2043) or click here. Our team is always ready to fix your door problems that you don’t want to bear. We make your door energy efficient and increase the R-value that reduces the energy bills.

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