How Can I Know That I Need to Replace Garage Door Opener?

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How Can I Know That I Need to Replace Garage Door Opener?

Replace Garage Door Opener

Without this crucial part of a garage door; your door can’t function efficiently; this part is called as Garage Door Opener. But like all mechanical devices; they conclusively malfunction & require replacement or a repair. It is very important to identify the warning signals that are responsible for not working garage door opener. So, you can call the professionals to get your opener repaired or replaced before they cause big damage to you or your properties. Here below are some good reasons to replace a garage door opener.

Garage Door Opener Creates Unwanted Noise.

When you hear a strange sound from a door opener that you never heard before while opening and closing; it’s your first warning signals that you need a help of the professionals to repair or replace. If you have noticed louder noise than the usual, only a professional can help in it. Constantly loud noise from an opener means you are using an older model. Depending on the performance test, a technician can suggest you replace it.

Having an Old Model of Garage Door Opener Means a Big Issue.

Yes, the old model creates big issues to your door system because it has been used for several years (15+ years). It is really a good idea to conceive replacing the old one with a newer one, more efficient and effective model. One more thing, old door opener isn’t equipped with the safety features while a new one is equipped with several features that ensure security and safety.

Garage Door Opener & instantly reverses.

Sometimes it happens that you open a garage door and instantly reverses. This is considered as a big red signal. There are some simple solutions:

  • Check the Safety Photo Eyes: Yes, if something comes in between the light beam of two sensors attached to the side of a garage door. Remove the obstacle and then again try to close the door. If it works; no need to call professional.
  • The second reason is the misalignment of photo eye sensors. Align it properly by measuring the height of both sensors.

  • If the troubleshooting methods listed above did not resolve the issue of a garage door opener or if the problems you are experiencing include a broken part, strange noise or any sporadic function; you should contact the certified Garage door service provider like us. We are the leading garage door repair company and serving for more than 20 years. We love to assist you 24X7 when you need us.

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